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This very thorough book introduces Haskell from the ground up all the way to advanced concepts. It has been highly recommended as a companion to Haskell for Mac by several Haskell for Mac users and has received very favourable reviews. It is currently available through an early access program.

[Premium ebook, but well worth the cost!]

This tutorial is very approachable with fun illustrations. It's designed for the complete beginner. Focussing on reading through a series of real programs first, it slowly introduces you to writing your own as well. Volume 1 covers only the most basic Haskell needed to write tiny programs.

[Free to read; available to purchase.]

A funky text for a funky language. This book explains functional programming from the ground up, even getting to advanced concepts, such as monads, applicative functors, and zippers. It assumes a previous knowledge of general programming concepts.

[Free to read; print & ebook for purchase.]

This was the first book aimed at experienced programmers who are new to Haskell. It includes several case studies and covers important Haskell programming tools for profiling, coverage checking, and so on. (In some places, it is now somewhat out of date.)

[Free to read; print & ebook for purchase.]

Online Resources

This is the portal to a wide range of resources related to the Haskell programming language, including the offcial language standard, open source library repositories, tools, mailing lists, and so forth.

FP Complete’s School of Haskell provides a comprehensive set of interactive online tutorials. They range from Haskell basics up to the use of advanced language extensions.

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